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Joan McCandlish

Photographs taken in Thailand and Vietnam, in late December of 2005. (under construction)

Click on a thumbnail for a larger image. If you have questions, email joan@tigerplaid.com. All the following ©Joan McCandlish.

Ayuthaya, Thailand: ancient capitol and temple complex

Settling stupa, Ayuthaya

Ayuthaya with dried flowers

Buddhas in a row, Ayuthaya

Temple complex of Wat Pra Kaeo, Bangkok
Wat Pra Kaeo

Reaching for the heavens,
Wat Pra Kaeo

Temple roof, Wat Pra Kaeo

Halong Bay, Vietnam
Wat Pra Kaeo

Among the limestone islands of Halong Bay


Wat Pra Kaeo


Hotels built into the hillside,
Cat Ba Town, Halong Bay

Wat Pra Kaeo

Pedestrian's dilemma

Somehow it works

Wat Pra Kaeo

Green walk light

Cats at Temple of Literature